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Here is a sneak peak into the fantasy world of Pathfinders. It’s now available in paperback, hard cover, and ebook! Author C.A. Michaels books and publications

Chapter 1: the First Pathfinder

Father Shevan gazed over the universe through his window at the Chantry. He kept a close eye on Mark J Nichols, soon to join them as the first Pathfinder. Everyone knew how important it was for the Pathfinders to watch over those the Gods select to join them. And knew he was the one to bring their Code back to them, and possibly the other artifacts as well.

Calling for his first, eldest son, Seth, he continued watching Mark while he waited.

As Seth finally arrived, Father Shevan looked at his son with a smile. His son reminded him of when he was once a young man. The poker straight blond hair, the jade-green eyes, and medium build, Father Shevan knew Seth would be Lord Ruler soon and he would make him proud.

“Well, the first Pathfinder is doing just as I had expected,” Father Shevan said.

“Father, how do you know he is the one to help us?” Seth wondered aloud.

“I just know son. I have watched over Mark ever since he was born. He will come around. Our time is running short.”

“How much time do you think we have?”

Father Shevan caught the look on his son’s face.

“I believe enough time to make you ruler soon, son. You will be the Lord Ruler of all, once my time as ruler has passed. That does not mean I will die then.”

Seth sighed in relief.

“Father, how many Pathfinders do we have?” Seth asked.

“I was able to see them all before our brooches went missing, son. There are six altogether.”

“How do we watch them all?”

“Well son, they have been alerted and we must watch them through our reflecting pools. I will watch Mark, Aiden, and Akira. You will watch Lyssa, and Kyle. I want your brother to watch Mathias.”

Seth’s eyes widened with much shock toward his father.

“Zach, are you sure? I know how you feel about him Father. He is only seventeen.”

“I know son. We need all the help we can get. Make sure you tell him okay.”

Seth smiled that his father would actually pick his brother to help them with an important matter. Ever since Zach was born, Seth knew his father never acknowledged him. And he wondered why Zach was different from all of the other Gods.

Sure Seth heard the rumors of his brother, but he never believed Zach was brought here to spy on them. Seth knew the laws and no one could just take people from the realms without proper consent.

“Thank you father, I will.”

“Seth, one more thing, what about Karri?”

“What about her?”

“I know you two are seeing each other. I do not think it is wise to continue with her, with you about to become ruler soon. I know you picked her because you wanted the humans to see what they can become and hopefully better themselves, but son, I am just not sure.”

“But Father, our relationship is not going to get in the way.”

“Sure, that is what they all say. You two have been fighting a lot and I can sense your stress. Do you not think it would be wise to have a clear head?”

“Are you telling me to break it off?”

“Son, to be ruler is a big responsibility. It will only be a matter of time before Mark brings us back our Code. Yes, I want you to break it off with her. Son, if it was not for your mother’s involvement, I would have banned you from picking her.”

“But Father, I love her, how can you deny me that?”

“You must end it soon son. I am sorry.”

Seth grumbled at his father. He just could not believe he was making him do such a thing.

“Why, you and mother are married. Your father was married, his father was married. It’s been long tradition for a ruler to have a woman by his side. Now you are making me dump mine that’s hypocritical,” Seth said.

His father raised his hand, Seth didn’t even quiver.

“You can have a woman Seth, but she must be picked by us.”


“In true tradition of the Gods, the woman that had always been by the man’s side had been picked.”

“So, mother was picked for you?”


“By whom?”

“The Council.”

Seth grunted and tried hard to hide his now shattered heart. He loved Karri. Karri had been his glue for the past five years.

“But father…”

“It’s final. I’m sorry son.”

“Has there been someone chosen for me?”

Father Shevan glanced out the window as he closed the reflecting pool.

“Who has been chosen for me?” Seth demanded.

“You will learn before you become ruler. You have two weeks to prepare Seth.”

“Two weeks?”

“Yes, in two weeks I am making you ruler and you will meet your bride.”

Seth pursed his lips. His ears burned and he sighed to cool himself off. How would he tell Karri?

Still in shock over this news, his once vibrant mood shattered into despair. No, he believed that wasn’t the right word. No words could describe how hearing this news made him feel. Heck, he couldn’t even describe it himself.

He thought for a few moments as he left his father’s chambers. As he stood in the hall, he wondered who they picked for him. But then he thought of Karri. Torn on how he would tell her, he rehearsed a speech in his mind.

“Karri, we need to talk.”

He smacked his forehead and chuckled.

“She will instantly know if I go that route.”

He walked to his room and slammed the door. He continued with the words.