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Here’s a sneak peak at Pursued. Book II in the Elite Agents of S.E.V.E.N. series. This story follows Elite S.E.V.E.N. Agent, Jennifer Long.


As Jen traveled through time with the man, she heard Zander’s voice. Unable to see how this was possible, she smiled that her team was still alive. After many moments of stillness, she saw where the man had taken her.

The Roman ruins of Nazareth. She took a long gander at the majestic sites and she remembered what Brian said. ‘If anything ever happened to you.’ She nodded and held onto that line for strength.

“In there. The scroll is in there. You must get it for me,” the man said.

Jen turned to him and raised a brow. She crossed her arms and refused. He walked up to her and smacked her hard across the face.

“Refuse, and there will be hell to pay,” he said.

“No there won’t. I’ve already had plenty in my lifetime,” she taunted.

His eyes widened and he let out a loud, piercing, shriek, that almost shattered her ear drums.

“Why me?” she questioned.

The man came to his senses and laughed wickedly at her.

“It was written.”

Jen kept her focus on Brian and her team. She believed in them. And that was all she needed for her strength.

“Abaddon, I will not get you the scroll.”

“Then watch your husband die a slow, painful death.”

He motioned his forefinger and drew a square in the air. She saw images before her. As Brian played in the backyard with Goldie, one of the power lines suddenly snapped. Jen screamed.

“No! You bastard! Stop it, please stop it!” Jen screamed.

“Then get the scroll.”

“How can I trust you?”

“You will just have to take that chance. Get the scroll or watch him die.”

Jen sighed. She looked towards the ruins. The one darkened entrance almost beckoned her to go in. She glanced back to Abaddon. He nodded and pointed for her to enter.

She growled softly and walked to the entrance. Abaddon shined some light for her. As she walked further in, her eyes darted left and right. To her right, she saw a single statue of a gargoyle hovering over a pillar. She took a step further. And the loud sound of cement cracking alerted her the gargoyle was coming to life.

“Are you kidding me?” she questioned.

The gargoyle growled, howled, and thrust its body toward her. As the gargoyle forced her to the ground, they rolled around and as he opened his disgusting mouth, Jen fought hard to keep one hand on top and one on its strong, bottom jaw.

However, the gargoyle continued and used its strength to force her to break her tight grip. When its top came down, she screamed as its teeth sunk into her right hand.

Jen howled in agony. She took many deep breaths to overcome the pain. The gargoyle continued its attack as it went for her forearm. But Jen found more strength after the strong breaths and rolled with the beast. Now that she was on top, she relentlessly punched the gargoyle in its face.

After many punches, she checked her bloodied, bruised hand. Sure it stung, but she had to defeat this beast to get the scroll. And only having her body as a weapon that made it tough.

However, after her last punch, she heard the beast gurgle and watched it turned to dust. She rose and ripped the sleeve off her shirt. She wrapped her hand and inspected the inside of the ruins.

The gargoyle sat to the left she remembered. When she walked to her left. She saw a small cubby. The scroll had to be in there. As she reached her hand in, she felt the scroll.

As she pulled the ancient scroll out, the ground began to rumble.

“You have the scroll, toss it to me!” Abaddon yelled to her.

Jen shook her head. It was her ticket out and to get home, safely. She would never give up such a priceless item. She carefully walked the ground as it trembled louder with each step she took.

Just before reaching the exit, the ground opened. A large hole sat between her and sweet freedom. Abaddon smiled wide. He reached his hand to her.

“Give me the scroll!” he screamed.

“No. You’ll leave me here to die!”