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Music plays a very important role in many of my stories. I try to make the characters versatile in their choice of music. That is a hard feet when one just does not like certain types of music. I’ve always been a very musical/creative person.In my current  series, Elite Agent Jennifer long is a metal head. But she likes other types as well. Like she can do some country. She loves female voices like Enya, Evanescence, Skillet, Halestorm etc.  She can also do classic rock and some thrash such as Slayer, Metallica.

Back in the day, the early 90s, I had a band with my husband and our two best friends. I played guitar and wrote the music and songs. This was a tough challenge trying to get things together. But we never made it out of my parent’s basement due to unforeseen circumstances. I so miss playing and writing songs.

Here is one that many of our fans we did have loved. My songs were simple but moving. I think we would have fit in with the bands of now. Disturbed, Bullet for my valentine, Godsmack, etc.


Reign Together

© Cynthia Michaels


We see through this mystery

We can’t live without it

We never talk about it

If we could see through more than our eyes

Then we would realize

We wouldn’t have to lay our lives on the line

So shed a tear but don’t you cry___________


No border can divide us

We ride on the wings of freedom

Take a look, deal with this life

Just don’t let the world pass you by


The only true prophecy

Still remains through the change of time

Through the valley of our minds

We can see through the thin line, that



Forever_________ We are strong

How in life can we be wrong

Forever_________ We are strong

And forever we will reign together


We see through this mystery

We deal with the history

Through the valley of our lives

We watch the world go by


Into the depths of our souls

We don’t see more than our eyes

If we listen more often

We wouldn’t have to hide behind these lies



Revised June 24, 2002