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Music plays a very important role in many of my stories. I try to make the characters versatile in their choice of music. That is a hard feet when one just does not like certain types of music. I’ve always been a very musical/creative person.In my current  series, Elite Agent Jennifer long is a metal head. But she likes other types as well. Like she can do some country. She loves female voices like Enya, Evanescence, Skillet, Halestorm etc.  She can also do classic rock and some thrash such as Slayer, Metallica.

Back in the day, the early 90s, I had a band with my husband and our two best friends. I played guitar and wrote the music and songs. This was a tough challenge trying to get things together. But we never made it out of my parent’s basement due to unforeseen circumstances. I so miss playing and writing songs.

Here is one that many of our fans we did have loved. My songs were simple but moving. I think we would have fit in with the bands of now. Disturbed, Bullet for my valentine, Godsmack, etc.


Reign Together

© Cynthia Michaels


We see through this mystery

We can’t live without it

We never talk about it

If we could see through more than our eyes

Then we would realize

We wouldn’t have to lay our lives on the line

So shed a tear but don’t you cry___________


No border can divide us

We ride on the wings of freedom

Take a look, deal with this life

Just don’t let the world pass you by


The only true prophecy

Still remains through the change of time

Through the valley of our minds

We can see through the thin line, that



Forever_________ We are strong

How in life can we be wrong

Forever_________ We are strong

And forever we will reign together


We see through this mystery

We deal with the history

Through the valley of our lives

We watch the world go by


Into the depths of our souls

We don’t see more than our eyes

If we listen more often

We wouldn’t have to hide behind these lies



Revised June 24, 2002




Excerpt from Pursued


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Here’s a sneak peak at Pursued. Book II in the Elite Agents of S.E.V.E.N. series. This story follows Elite S.E.V.E.N. Agent, Jennifer Long.


As Jen traveled through time with the man, she heard Zander’s voice. Unable to see how this was possible, she smiled that her team was still alive. After many moments of stillness, she saw where the man had taken her.

The Roman ruins of Nazareth. She took a long gander at the majestic sites and she remembered what Brian said. ‘If anything ever happened to you.’ She nodded and held onto that line for strength.

“In there. The scroll is in there. You must get it for me,” the man said.

Jen turned to him and raised a brow. She crossed her arms and refused. He walked up to her and smacked her hard across the face.

“Refuse, and there will be hell to pay,” he said.

“No there won’t. I’ve already had plenty in my lifetime,” she taunted.

His eyes widened and he let out a loud, piercing, shriek, that almost shattered her ear drums.

“Why me?” she questioned.

The man came to his senses and laughed wickedly at her.

“It was written.”

Jen kept her focus on Brian and her team. She believed in them. And that was all she needed for her strength.

“Abaddon, I will not get you the scroll.”

“Then watch your husband die a slow, painful death.”

He motioned his forefinger and drew a square in the air. She saw images before her. As Brian played in the backyard with Goldie, one of the power lines suddenly snapped. Jen screamed.

“No! You bastard! Stop it, please stop it!” Jen screamed.

“Then get the scroll.”

“How can I trust you?”

“You will just have to take that chance. Get the scroll or watch him die.”

Jen sighed. She looked towards the ruins. The one darkened entrance almost beckoned her to go in. She glanced back to Abaddon. He nodded and pointed for her to enter.

She growled softly and walked to the entrance. Abaddon shined some light for her. As she walked further in, her eyes darted left and right. To her right, she saw a single statue of a gargoyle hovering over a pillar. She took a step further. And the loud sound of cement cracking alerted her the gargoyle was coming to life.

“Are you kidding me?” she questioned.

The gargoyle growled, howled, and thrust its body toward her. As the gargoyle forced her to the ground, they rolled around and as he opened his disgusting mouth, Jen fought hard to keep one hand on top and one on its strong, bottom jaw.

However, the gargoyle continued and used its strength to force her to break her tight grip. When its top came down, she screamed as its teeth sunk into her right hand.

Jen howled in agony. She took many deep breaths to overcome the pain. The gargoyle continued its attack as it went for her forearm. But Jen found more strength after the strong breaths and rolled with the beast. Now that she was on top, she relentlessly punched the gargoyle in its face.

After many punches, she checked her bloodied, bruised hand. Sure it stung, but she had to defeat this beast to get the scroll. And only having her body as a weapon that made it tough.

However, after her last punch, she heard the beast gurgle and watched it turned to dust. She rose and ripped the sleeve off her shirt. She wrapped her hand and inspected the inside of the ruins.

The gargoyle sat to the left she remembered. When she walked to her left. She saw a small cubby. The scroll had to be in there. As she reached her hand in, she felt the scroll.

As she pulled the ancient scroll out, the ground began to rumble.

“You have the scroll, toss it to me!” Abaddon yelled to her.

Jen shook her head. It was her ticket out and to get home, safely. She would never give up such a priceless item. She carefully walked the ground as it trembled louder with each step she took.

Just before reaching the exit, the ground opened. A large hole sat between her and sweet freedom. Abaddon smiled wide. He reached his hand to her.

“Give me the scroll!” he screamed.

“No. You’ll leave me here to die!”

Pathfinders Excerpt


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Here is a sneak peak into the fantasy world of Pathfinders. It’s now available in paperback, hard cover, and ebook! Author C.A. Michaels books and publications

Chapter 1: the First Pathfinder

Father Shevan gazed over the universe through his window at the Chantry. He kept a close eye on Mark J Nichols, soon to join them as the first Pathfinder. Everyone knew how important it was for the Pathfinders to watch over those the Gods select to join them. And knew he was the one to bring their Code back to them, and possibly the other artifacts as well.

Calling for his first, eldest son, Seth, he continued watching Mark while he waited.

As Seth finally arrived, Father Shevan looked at his son with a smile. His son reminded him of when he was once a young man. The poker straight blond hair, the jade-green eyes, and medium build, Father Shevan knew Seth would be Lord Ruler soon and he would make him proud.

“Well, the first Pathfinder is doing just as I had expected,” Father Shevan said.

“Father, how do you know he is the one to help us?” Seth wondered aloud.

“I just know son. I have watched over Mark ever since he was born. He will come around. Our time is running short.”

“How much time do you think we have?”

Father Shevan caught the look on his son’s face.

“I believe enough time to make you ruler soon, son. You will be the Lord Ruler of all, once my time as ruler has passed. That does not mean I will die then.”

Seth sighed in relief.

“Father, how many Pathfinders do we have?” Seth asked.

“I was able to see them all before our brooches went missing, son. There are six altogether.”

“How do we watch them all?”

“Well son, they have been alerted and we must watch them through our reflecting pools. I will watch Mark, Aiden, and Akira. You will watch Lyssa, and Kyle. I want your brother to watch Mathias.”

Seth’s eyes widened with much shock toward his father.

“Zach, are you sure? I know how you feel about him Father. He is only seventeen.”

“I know son. We need all the help we can get. Make sure you tell him okay.”

Seth smiled that his father would actually pick his brother to help them with an important matter. Ever since Zach was born, Seth knew his father never acknowledged him. And he wondered why Zach was different from all of the other Gods.

Sure Seth heard the rumors of his brother, but he never believed Zach was brought here to spy on them. Seth knew the laws and no one could just take people from the realms without proper consent.

“Thank you father, I will.”

“Seth, one more thing, what about Karri?”

“What about her?”

“I know you two are seeing each other. I do not think it is wise to continue with her, with you about to become ruler soon. I know you picked her because you wanted the humans to see what they can become and hopefully better themselves, but son, I am just not sure.”

“But Father, our relationship is not going to get in the way.”

“Sure, that is what they all say. You two have been fighting a lot and I can sense your stress. Do you not think it would be wise to have a clear head?”

“Are you telling me to break it off?”

“Son, to be ruler is a big responsibility. It will only be a matter of time before Mark brings us back our Code. Yes, I want you to break it off with her. Son, if it was not for your mother’s involvement, I would have banned you from picking her.”

“But Father, I love her, how can you deny me that?”

“You must end it soon son. I am sorry.”

Seth grumbled at his father. He just could not believe he was making him do such a thing.

“Why, you and mother are married. Your father was married, his father was married. It’s been long tradition for a ruler to have a woman by his side. Now you are making me dump mine that’s hypocritical,” Seth said.

His father raised his hand, Seth didn’t even quiver.

“You can have a woman Seth, but she must be picked by us.”


“In true tradition of the Gods, the woman that had always been by the man’s side had been picked.”

“So, mother was picked for you?”


“By whom?”

“The Council.”

Seth grunted and tried hard to hide his now shattered heart. He loved Karri. Karri had been his glue for the past five years.

“But father…”

“It’s final. I’m sorry son.”

“Has there been someone chosen for me?”

Father Shevan glanced out the window as he closed the reflecting pool.

“Who has been chosen for me?” Seth demanded.

“You will learn before you become ruler. You have two weeks to prepare Seth.”

“Two weeks?”

“Yes, in two weeks I am making you ruler and you will meet your bride.”

Seth pursed his lips. His ears burned and he sighed to cool himself off. How would he tell Karri?

Still in shock over this news, his once vibrant mood shattered into despair. No, he believed that wasn’t the right word. No words could describe how hearing this news made him feel. Heck, he couldn’t even describe it himself.

He thought for a few moments as he left his father’s chambers. As he stood in the hall, he wondered who they picked for him. But then he thought of Karri. Torn on how he would tell her, he rehearsed a speech in his mind.

“Karri, we need to talk.”

He smacked his forehead and chuckled.

“She will instantly know if I go that route.”

He walked to his room and slammed the door. He continued with the words.



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I’m giving away 2 $5 gift cards to for one lucky reader who buys my novel Black Rose. All I ask is you leave an honest review. Once the review is up, I will send the information to you where you can redeem the gift cards. This giveaway is for Black Rose only. Here’s the link to where you can purchase the hard cover, paperback or ebook. Good luck, this is a first come first serve basis and a one time promotion.

Black Rose Excerpt


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Here is a sneak peak at the opening of Black Rose, which is available now in paperback, hard cover, and ebook! C.A. Michaels’ Books

February, 2015 Moscow, Russia


“Karen, hang on!” Elite Agent Del Maningham yelled out to her.

His eyes widened at her great strength while she held onto the rail of the bottom of the Patriarshy Bridge with one hand. He glanced across to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and said a quick prayer to help them all survive this. Watching her trying to lift herself up, he lunged forward. When he looked back, Sergi Aminov ran toward him and thrust his fist to Del’s nose. As Del’s eyes watered, Sergi continued with the many lefts and rights to his stomach.

“You took her from me, you son of a bitch!” Sergi yelled.

Del held his nose as it bled.

“No, you took her from us! You just couldn’t stand the fact she was with me first,” Del said.

Karen continued her desperate screams for help. “Help, someone, help!”

Elite Agent Jennifer Long ran to the scene with her weapons drawn. As she looked through the scopes on the weapons, she didn’t have a clear shot. Del stood in front of Sergi as he wobbled. But he still held his fists up to try to block the punches from his former best friend, brother.

“Del, back down, let me get him!” Jen yelled.

“No, he’s mine!” Del yelled.

Jen moved left and right trying to aim her pistols at Sergi. Del kept blocking her attempts. It was when Del slightly moved to his left, she had a second opening and she fired both pistols. The bullets sailed through the air and she pounded her foot on the sidewalk of the bridge for missing. She aimed again and another man ran toward the battle with a shotgun in hand.

“I got her brother, shall I take her out?” Pavlov asked.

Sergi glanced over his shoulder and smiled at his younger brother, “Yes, take out Agent Long please!”

Pavlov aimed and fired. Jen went down. Del broke from Sergi’s assault and ran to his partner.

“Tell me you wore it! Come on Jen, tell me you wore it!” Del ripped open her white button down blouse and smiled.

She coughed and slowly rose to face him.

“Man, that was close,” he said.

She reached her fingers into the Kevlar vest and pulled out the shell. As she stared at it, she blinked her eyes. Shaking the images of her death away, she looked up to Del.

“Are you okay, can you finish this?” Del checked.

She coughed again and stared at the shell. But she nodded after a few moments of taking a few deep breaths and pushing away the sting.

“I’m okay.”

The gun shots from Pavlov continued as Sergi raced toward them. Jen saw and nodded to Del. As he stood in front of her, he reached for her pistols that laid nearby. He handed them to her and nodded. She fired as he leaned into her left shoulder. Jen emptied both clips and still missed.

“Damn it. Why won’t these bastards die?” Jen asked.

Del chuckled.

“Someone, help!” Karen screamed.

Jen looked to Del and he nodded. He helped her up and she ran to the side where Karen barely hung on with one hand. She leaned over as far as she could reach while holding the rail with her feet.

“Come on, reach Karen. Grab my hand!” Jen screamed.

Karen reached her left hand up but her other hand slipped. She looked to Jen with sorrow. Jen understood but she was not going to let her best friend die.

“Come on, you can do it! Grab my hand!” Jen yelled again.

Karen reached for her hand once more. Jen grabbed it, but Karen’s other hand slipped. Jen held onto her other hand.

“I gotcha, come on, I know you’re strong.”

Karen nodded. She pulled her body up. But she looked down at the frozen river.

“No. Come on, you can do it Karen! I’m not going to lose you!” Jen yelled.

One more nod and a look back at the water, she lifted her body up once more. Jen pulled a few more times but Karen was slipping again.

“Help, someone help!” Jen yelled.

Jen felt someone wrap their arms around her shins. She smiled. She knew it was Elite Agent Zander Cole.

“I got you girl. Come on,” Zander said.

He pulled them up but Karen continued slipping.

Behind them, Del continued blocking Sergi’s punches.

“You son of a bitch! You killed my brother! For that, you will pay!” Sergi screamed.

He threw one right and left after another at Del. The agent tried desperately to block. Sergi overpowered him for the most part. However, Del reached down and pulled some inner strength. He swung his leg around and made contact with Sergi’s head. The big man finally went down.

Del looked over at the others. He ran toward them.

“Karen!” Jen screamed.

Jen felt her slipping.

“Come on!”

“Let me go Jen. Please, I can’t come back from what that bastard did to me. Please, promise me one thing.”


“Don’t let him do the same to anyone else.”

“I promise!”

Jen pulled but the sweat on Karen’s hand didn’t make for a strong grip. She slipped and Jen reached for her but the older agent fell into the icy cold waters. Jen screamed in agony. Tears streamed down her face.

Zander pulled Jen back up as Del met them. He looked out into the water for his love. They all fell onto the side walk near the rail of the bridge. Their sorrow heard throughout the city.

Launch Team


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Do you want to read for free? I’ve created a launch team at my site. You can register and receive free preview copies before they are published. You will also get a personal acknowledgment. You’ll become a VIP reader.  If you’re interested there is only one rule. As you become apart of the launch team, I ask you kindly to leave an honest review of the stories you receive within a time period of 1-2 weeks before the launch date. Of course I will let you know when the launch is near as an email reminder only. And that’s it.

If anyone is interested just click here.

Guardian’s Oath


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A new character came to me a few days ago while I took a break from JJ Ferraro an Melinda Mackowtiski. His name is Max Hamilton. Here is some info on his background. I’m still not sure of his abilities and what his story will be. I’m working on Max, Melinda, JJ and trying rewrite Pursued, which is the second book to Black Rose in the Elite Agents of S.E.V.E.N. series. Hope you enjoy some information on Max. This is the third male lead character I’ve created. I think he’s truly unique and will gain quite the following.

Max Hamilton

Born of Scottish decent in June of 1984, Max lived a rough life. Forced into the family business at a young age, Max learned how to defend his honor quickly. When your father ran a weapons business, you learned fast. But Max was nothing like his father. His father was the most ruthless arms dealer known across the land.

His father left it up to him to do his dirty work but Max always let them go. He had good business sense while his hot-tempered father always had to get his gun off. But when it came to weapons, Max preferred swords, daggers, and knives over guns. His father always laughed at him.

Max believed it was too easy to use guns. He hated them. The history of the blade drove him to study while on his down time. He learned the way of the Samurai, Ninja, Assassins, and the like. Once word spread across the land, everyone knew that Max could possibly be their savior.

His father belonged to the Vivaldi tribe. Max knew of both tribes. He grew fascinated with the Paladins. When he made his choice at eighteen, his father forbid him. But he went anyway. Once his father found out, he barred Max from the family forever.

After that, Max opened his own arms business dealing strictly in medieval weaponry and clothing. As he just turned thirty, Max was on the verge of retiring. Just a few more big deals and he planned to live life in the tropics with his family.

Max never told his son, John, about his business. He didn’t want John to grow up in that kind of life. He knew his wife, Maggie, was thankful for that. However, he knew she worried about him and their life.

When he stole a rare, priceless blade, he realized that by touching this weapon, it changed him. The weapon enhanced him. After trying to explain to his wife, she believed he went crazy and feared for their son.

Maggie threw him out and told him to get clean before he ever came back. Somehow, word got out and the people he stole from captured him. Spending many months locked in a cage, Max believed his world would soon end. However, the special ability grew in him.

After realizing this, word spread once again. The people of the town demanded his release. But his captors refused. For their refusal, the rebellion formed.

Five years later, Max escaped. He wound up homeless and near his death, a kind older man took him. After six months of recovery, the older man, Alfred, taught him the ways of the Guardian’s Oath. Alfred also taught him about the long rebellion that went on in his name.

Max was forever grateful and to return the favor to the people, he became the Guardian in the shadow.



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Happy New year. I’m thankful to have survived December. It was such a stressful time and I am now back to writing and revising. Still trying to sell my books but I never will give up. I sold one copy last year and had five downloads of The Demon’s Pact. so it’s a start. Onto the news:

I’ve made a few revision to two of my novels Black Rose and Stolen Soul. Stolen Soul is now a stand alone with an awesome ending. Black Rose has a much better ending as well. being I have only sold one copy of Stolen Soul, I figured now was the time to revise and make them stand alone even though Black Rose is a part of the Elite Agents of S.E.V.E.N. series. I’ve cut that series down to three book.

My other project I’m still working on the story of Melinda Mackowitski still. I’ve finally written a pilot that I can be proud of. I also think I have an original name and think it’s an original idea. The title is called: A Relic Returns and is of course a TV series. I may turn it into a novel. But I’m happy I cut some of my workload and feel good about my stories.

Happy New year


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I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year. I know many have celebrated already but here in Michigan, USA it’s only 3:17 pm. It’s been a rough month of December for me with not only celebrity deaths but friends of mine have lost loved ones as well.

I’ve been busy working my regular job, trying to get my graphic design company off the ground called; Sevenia Studios, and writing Melinda Mackowitski’s story and decided it will be a TV show. I may turn it into a novel, not sure. So here’s to you all and I hope you have a safe and happy new year filled with joy and may all your dreams come true.