Guardian’s Oath


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A new character came to me a few days ago while I took a break from JJ Ferraro an Melinda Mackowtiski. His name is Max Hamilton. Here is some info on his background. I’m still not sure of his abilities and what his story will be. I’m working on Max, Melinda, JJ and trying rewrite Pursued, which is the second book to Black Rose in the Elite Agents of S.E.V.E.N. series. Hope you enjoy some information on Max. This is the third male lead character I’ve created. I think he’s truly unique and will gain quite the following.

Max Hamilton

Born of Scottish decent in June of 1984, Max lived a rough life. Forced into the family business at a young age, Max learned how to defend his honor quickly. When your father ran a weapons business, you learned fast. But Max was nothing like his father. His father was the most ruthless arms dealer known across the land.

His father left it up to him to do his dirty work but Max always let them go. He had good business sense while his hot-tempered father always had to get his gun off. But when it came to weapons, Max preferred swords, daggers, and knives over guns. His father always laughed at him.

Max believed it was too easy to use guns. He hated them. The history of the blade drove him to study while on his down time. He learned the way of the Samurai, Ninja, Assassins, and the like. Once word spread across the land, everyone knew that Max could possibly be their savior.

His father belonged to the Vivaldi tribe. Max knew of both tribes. He grew fascinated with the Paladins. When he made his choice at eighteen, his father forbid him. But he went anyway. Once his father found out, he barred Max from the family forever.

After that, Max opened his own arms business dealing strictly in medieval weaponry and clothing. As he just turned thirty, Max was on the verge of retiring. Just a few more big deals and he planned to live life in the tropics with his family.

Max never told his son, John, about his business. He didn’t want John to grow up in that kind of life. He knew his wife, Maggie, was thankful for that. However, he knew she worried about him and their life.

When he stole a rare, priceless blade, he realized that by touching this weapon, it changed him. The weapon enhanced him. After trying to explain to his wife, she believed he went crazy and feared for their son.

Maggie threw him out and told him to get clean before he ever came back. Somehow, word got out and the people he stole from captured him. Spending many months locked in a cage, Max believed his world would soon end. However, the special ability grew in him.

After realizing this, word spread once again. The people of the town demanded his release. But his captors refused. For their refusal, the rebellion formed.

Five years later, Max escaped. He wound up homeless and near his death, a kind older man took him. After six months of recovery, the older man, Alfred, taught him the ways of the Guardian’s Oath. Alfred also taught him about the long rebellion that went on in his name.

Max was forever grateful and to return the favor to the people, he became the Guardian in the shadow.



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Happy New year. I’m thankful to have survived December. It was such a stressful time and I am now back to writing and revising. Still trying to sell my books but I never will give up. I sold one copy last year and had five downloads of The Demon’s Pact. so it’s a start. Onto the news:

I’ve made a few revision to two of my novels Black Rose and Stolen Soul. Stolen Soul is now a stand alone with an awesome ending. Black Rose has a much better ending as well. being I have only sold one copy of Stolen Soul, I figured now was the time to revise and make them stand alone even though Black Rose is a part of the Elite Agents of S.E.V.E.N. series. I’ve cut that series down to three book.

My other project I’m still working on the story of Melinda Mackowitski still. I’ve finally written a pilot that I can be proud of. I also think I have an original name and think it’s an original idea. The title is called: A Relic Returns and is of course a TV series. I may turn it into a novel. But I’m happy I cut some of my workload and feel good about my stories.

Happy New year


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I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year. I know many have celebrated already but here in Michigan, USA it’s only 3:17 pm. It’s been a rough month of December for me with not only celebrity deaths but friends of mine have lost loved ones as well.

I’ve been busy working my regular job, trying to get my graphic design company off the ground called; Sevenia Studios, and writing Melinda Mackowitski’s story and decided it will be a TV show. I may turn it into a novel, not sure. So here’s to you all and I hope you have a safe and happy new year filled with joy and may all your dreams come true.

Melinda Mackowitski


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So, a new character came to me a couple weeks ago. I’m trying something different with Melinda Mackowitski. It will be an adventure story like Indiana Jones/Lara Croft/Pirates of the Caribbean. I’m trying to get away from dark novels and need something light.

There will be some  comedy here and there. So far I know she loves rock n roll and used to drink Black Berry Brandy with her former best friend, Brad. She’s adopted by a man named Pete who is a well to do business man. But he’s not overly rich like say Bill Gates lol.

I have 3 chapters finished and decided I will use this story for NaNoWriMo. Anyone else doing NaNo this year? This is my first time. I’m excited and nervous lol

As I continue Melinda’s story, her and Brad used to be like the terror twins, Steve Clark and Phil Collen, from the rock band Def Leppard. Their drinking days were legendary lol And while she’s on the hunt for this magic spear, she begins to learn some truths or what she thinks are truths and that scares her to where she doesn’t want to go after it. But something drives her.

So, Melinda is fun, exciting, and lovable so far. But in order to find the truths about this spear, she may just have to get over one fear that’s been holding her down, her fear of attachment to anybody.



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I’ve been crazy busy today working on my web site. Added a new section called: Artwork. I’ve been researching a lot to figure out how to get my name out there. My books are available at the ibookstore, Barnes and Nobel, Kobo, and Amazon. So, my question, where else I can market myself besides Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube? I want to print some flyers and posters to post at local business but not sure that will work. Has anyone done this?



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In-between fighting a cold, I decided to revisit the first series I started writing back in 2010 called; Pathfinders. I did self publish it for a while in 2014 but retired it cause it needed serious editing. I just finished editing books I and II of the series today. I think they will be re-released around Thanksgiving this year. I still have to edit book III: Rise of the Serns. That is my true baby.

It’s an epic that finished at just over 129k words. That was supposed to be the first the story for this series but as I continued to write, I found it needed an opening. So many related twists had to be explained.

Amazing now that I look back on this entire series, I had created the God Seth first. And a clan that lived on a realm. Seth was supposed to watch over a young woman named Akira from that clan and the realm. Well, that was before I new anything about writing lol and I finished that story but realized I was doing it all wrong thanks to a nice agent who gave me some tips.

I might eventually tell Akira’s story. She is mentioned in Book I: Code of Life. So, this series may have more than 3 books. I never plan for my stories to be series, they just all happen that way. lol

Black Rose


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Now that Stolen Soul is finished, I have been spending time on my other love, Black Rose. Black Rose is the first full length story in the Elite Agents of S.E.V.E.N. series. This series first started out as an FBI series. But with so many FBI shows and books out, I chose to create a new agency. This has been so much fun.

But now, the other two stories I finished that were a part of the original FBI series, I have to seriously edit lol. I released a short story that actually begins this series. It’s called The Demon’s Pact. It deals with Elite Agent Jennifer Long. Her story follows Black Rose, which is called Pursued.

Amazing how all this fell into place. Writing a Paranormal/supernatural story has been quite the challenge for me. It was a ton of fun as I said. I have the first 3 books in order. As I said, the other 2 need editing. This series will be a five-six book series.

Here is the link for The Demon’s Pact. It’s only available in ebook format cause it’s so short.

And here is what Black Rose it about:

In the chaotic world, a new religion has taken the world by storm. When two supernatural beings, known as Wayfarers, come to Earth, the eighth plane of life, all hell breaks loose. There is one chosen to save the world from the madness.

Chris Thompson wants nothing more than her own loving, caring, family. When she discovers secrets written to her in a journal, she realizes her time to flee is soon.

Elite S.E.V.E.N. Agent, Del Maningham, has been searching the world for the chosen one for years. Years of heartache and almost losing his job, as he always assumes, he is about to give up. Giving up for Del isn’t easy.

With only having twenty-eight days to find her, time is of the essence. They must solidify the union by their sacred marriage before the final blood moon, which takes place on September 28, 2015. Or the chosen one will be sacrificed to bring a New World Order and all those who oppose are enslaved.